Top state leaders rally for gun control in Boston

Former Congresswoman Giffords is touring the nation for six weeks

BOSTON (WWLP) – Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords rallied in Boston alongside top state leaders Friday with the hope of ending gun violence. This, after Giffords survived a gunshot wound to the head in an Arizona mass shooting five years ago.

“Stopping gun violence takes courage. The courage to do what’s right; the courage of new ideas,” said Giffords.

Giffords is touring the nation for six weeks with her organization “Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC.” They’re lobbying Congress to pass stricter gun laws.

“Two-thirds of all guns traced to crime in Massachusetts come from neighboring states. Crime gun source states, like: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Georgia,” said John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence.

Those tighter policies include: strengthening the national criminal background check system and closing the so-called “gun show loophole.” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sparked outrage in July after her office stepped up enforcement of the state’s assault weapons ban to include “copycat” assault rifles.

She said, “Sales of assault weapons have virtually stopped in the state. We’re the only state in the country that can say that.”

Voters will go to the polls on November 8-th. There is no gun control question on the November ballot.

A small group of state lawmakers are working with the gun lobby to craft a bill to overturn Attorney General Healey’s ban on copycat assault weapons. This will likely take shape in January.