Aid remains critical after Hurricane Matthew

From Florida to South Carolina, millions heeded the warning.

(WWLP) – It’s been over a week since Hurricane Matthew first hit the United States. Now, as the cleanup begins in Florida and parts of Georgia, the Carolinas are still threatened by new concerns.

From Florida to South Carolina, millions heeded the warning. They filled up on gas and supplies, boarded up their homes, and escaped Hurricane Matthew’s wrath. But no amount of preparation could prepare them for their devastating return home.

38 people in the United States died from the powerful hurricane, many swept away in powerful tidal floodwaters.

In North Carolina, 55,000 people are without power, down significantly from nearly a million in the dark during Hurricane Matthew.

Highways once busy with people trying to outrun the Hurricane, are now too flooded and damaged to reopen.

A week has passed since the hurricane, but victims are still weeks away from finding a sense of normalcy again.

To find out how you can help, you can go to the American Red Cross website and donate here.  You can also call 800-RED-CROSS or text MATTHEW to 90999 for $10 donations.