With plane wreck gone, East Hartford tries to return to normal

East Hartford plane crash

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – With multiple sources now confirming that Tuesday’s deadly plane crash was caused by a struggle in the cockpit, people in the area are now trying to return to normal.

Two days after a twin engine airplane crashed onto Main Street in East Hartford, pretty much all there is left to do is put up a couple new utility poles and string new power lines. It is amazing that there was not more damage, or more injuries, considering the fireball that plane became at around 3:40 p.m. Tuesday.

We now have a better idea or how it happened, although we are still not entirely sure why it happened. Authorities now say there was a struggle in the sky. Multiple sources confirm flight instructor Arian Prevalla told investigators he was fighting for control of the plane with his student, Feras Freitekh. Prevalla is in fair condition at Hartford Hospital’s burn unit. Freitekh died in the fiery crash. As for why Freitekh would want to crash the plane, law enforcement officials say they are not ruling anything out, but suicide seems more and more likely.

“Pretty much it’s been the talk of the town the past couple of days,” said Chris Costello from behind the counter at Augie & Ray’s restaurant just half a mile away on Main Street. Rumors have been flying among customers.

“We’ve heard a number of different conspiracies, whether or not it was intentional,” Costello said. “Obviously, it was reported that it was a suicide now. It’s pretty crazy, though.”

At least Augie & Ray’s stayed open. The plane crashed right in front of a branch of a branch of American Eagle Credit Union. A generator on the roof kept the lights and computers on for employees, but the building remained closed to members again today. Fortunately, a parking lot light pole and a fence are the only physical damage to the property.