Trump fortune-telling machine predicts future

"We're gonna make America sexy again"

(CNN) – An anonymous anti-Trump activist is using an old-school fortune-telling machine to poke fun at him. The machine with a Trump mannequin has been popping up all over New York City.

The candidate who’s always talking about his fortune.

Mannequin Trump, “I’m getting a terrific vision.”

Is now telling fortunes.

Mannequin Trump, “Stare into my crystal ball.”

The “all seeing Trump” is being seen all around New York City. With his red eyes and his intentionally small hands, he’s predicting the future.

Mannequin Trump, “Everybody wants me. People in the soup kitchen want me.”

And attracting crowds.

Mannequin Trump, “We’re gonna make America sexy again.”

He’s modeled after Zoltar.

Movie Clip, “Big”, “I wish I were big”

In the movie “big” now fortune telling trump has gone big. When he was placed by trump tower, security didn’t know what to do with him.

Movie Clip, “Big”, “Because there are so many bodies.”

Police finally turned off the sound to shut him up. He’s the brainchild of anonymous anti-trump artists who paid 9-thousand dollars to “characters unlimited” to create him. Those pursed lips were the tricky part.

Olaf Stanton, Characters Unlimited, “His lips are kinda sticking out when we pulled him out of the mold kinda hard without ripping lips off.”

Hit the button, he talks, moving on from president Obama’s birth certificate to.

Mannequin Trump, “Is Elvis Presley still alive.”

At one point outside trump international hotel, all seeing trump died.

“This is historic. Donald is silent.”

Repair man to the rescue.

“I like this one better than the real one.”

Olaf Stanton, Characters Unlimited, “I’m voting for trump.”

He’s the guy who made all seeing trump, who spits out what they call “misfortunes.”

“He who expects nothing will be pleasantly surprised when I’m president.”

Occasionally even the real Donald trump projects too far into the future.

“Make sure you get out and vote November 28.”

But the all-seeing Trump is no dummy. He knows Election Day is November 8.

Mannequin Trump, “Of the two of you I only want the attractive one to come up to the booth.”