New signs Russia is behind email leaks

Wikileaks appear to be the work of Russia, US officials say

(CNN) – Russia is allegedly using WikiLeaks to make public e-mails stolen from the Clinton campaign. WikiLeaks published almost two-thousand more e-mails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

It appears a state-backed Russian website published a story on them before WikiLeaks posted them online. Thursday, there is growing evidence that Russia is using WikiLeaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails and other information, U.S. officials with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN.

The methods of the disclosures “suggest Moscow is at least providing the information or is possibly directly responsible for the leaks,” said one us official.

Asked about possible ties between WikiLeaks and Russia, the director of C.I.A. John Brennan told CNN, “I think the government has announced, there are concerns that there are some efforts to try to interfere in the electoral process.”

CNN attempted to reach WikiLeaks for comment but received no response. WikiLeaks has previously denied any connection to or cooperation with Russia.

Today, reports that Russia’s state-backed “Russia” tweeted and published a story on the la,test stolen e-mails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta before WikiLeaks posted them.

WikiLeaks quickly responded with a tweet: “@rt_com no they didn’t. The release was visible to anyone looking at well before our first tweet.”

Russia is dismissing accusations outright that they are behind the hacks on Democratic Party officials or U.S. state voting systems. The white house says it is now planning a quote “proportional” response.  A response Russia is seemingly dismissing.

Sergey Lavrov, Russian foreign minister said, “If they decided to do something, let them do it. But to say Russia is interfering with United States domestic matters is ridiculous.”

So far, more than 20 states have experienced attempted hacks on their voter databases. But U.S. officials are emphasizing that the U.S. voting system is strong enough and decentralized enough to prevent hackers from affecting the outcome.

Us intelligence is still investigating the degree of the connection between Russia and WikiLeaks and has not reached the level of confidence it has in its assessment that Russia is behind the hacks themselves.