Is the smoke detector working in your home?

You should replace your smoke detector with a new one every 10-years

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Smoking and the lack of working fire detectors are to blame for a family of four dying in a Greenfield house fire two weeks ago. The State Fire Marshal said that improper disposal of a cigarette started the fire. The fire killed three adults and a child.

There were no working smoke detectors in the home, and the importance of having working smoke detectors can’t be emphasized enough.

East Longmeadow Fire Lt. Christopher Beecher told 22News, “It’s going to tell you when you have smoke. It’s going to let you know. It’s going to give you that opportunity to get out of your home, with enough time safely.”

“A lot of them (smoke detectors) have a 10-year battery built into them, which actually spans the entire life of the smoke detector itself. So you never have to worry about, ‘did I change the batteries?’” said Sam Mariani of Rocky’s Hardware.

If you have a smoke detector that requires you to change the battery, it’s recommended you test the batteries once a month, to make sure they’re working. You should also replace your smoke detector with a new one every 10-years.

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