Hurricane opens door for gun store heist

gun theft
Thieves take more than 225 guns from South Carolina store in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

(WMBF) A South Carolina gun shop owner says about 225 guns were stolen from his Longs shop in the middle of Hurricane Matthew.

While the owner of Five Star Guns is still struggling with being hit so hard during the storm, he’s worried these guns are definitely in the wrong hands.

“Broke the front doors, smashed the glass, and came in and just looted,” owner Daniel Huneycutt said.

Like many other businesses, Five Star Guns was without power throughout Hurricane Matthew.

A friend who went to check out a fallen tree outside noticed something was seriously wrong at the shop and called the owner to get there as soon as possible.

Huneycutt came upon a sight he is having trouble forgetting.

“Glass everywhere, guns thrown out on the floor that they missed and didn’t pick up, poured bleach over everything. Just made a mess of everything,” he said.

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