Clown Costumes: Still Selling

clown costumes
Costume shops say clown costumes are still in demand ahead of Halloween, despite the ongoing "creepy clown" phenomenon and bans in some areas.

(WFLA) With Halloween just over two weeks away, creepy clowns concerns are making some costume buyers think twice about where they’ll wear the scary outfits.

Theatrical Fantasy Costumes in Pinellas Park, Florida has been in business for around 30 years. The store is a catacomb of crazy, scary and outlandish stuff. Owner Rick Paul is very aware of the problems some “creepy clowns” are causing.

“If I thought somebody was like a bizarre looking guy, I’d give em a nice little heads up so he doesn’t get shot in the middle of the street,” Paul said.

Clown shoes, clown noses, clown hats and clown masks are all available. But, if you plan to buy these items to scare, you’re asking for trouble.

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