Caught on Camera: Road rage brawl

You see the woman smash the guy's window

(CNN) – Two drivers duke it out at a red light in Las Vegas, and it’s all captured on camera. The video now viral online.

The showdown viewed more than a million times! A savage fight at the red light. One man versus one woman! The punches, the weapons, that flip!

Online, thousands of shares and comments people debating what could have sparked this level of brutality. Tire iron in hand.

You see the woman smash the guy’s window.

A first look at what’s alleged to be her car. 13 action news obtaining these exclusive pictures from a person who says she treated the woman moments after.

The woman was bleeding. You can see her windshield also broken, inside shattered glass and that tire iron. The woman telling witnesses this was the end of a clash that began three miles away.

She claimed the man honked her, followed her and unleashed racial slurs.

Right now, police investigating to see who the primary aggressor was, of course we know to every story there are two sides.