Can you take back your absentee vote?

If you change your vote, your local election office will retrieve your ballot

(CNN) – It might be the videotape of Donald Trump’s vulgar bragging on a bus. Or the drip-drip-drip of hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails. It’s enough to make you change your vote! And you can! “That is your right as an absentee voter.”

Ginny Gelms is Hennepin County’s election manager. She says changing your vote is your legal right. “Every election we do see a couple of people who want to change their mind. (Do they tell you why?) We don’t ask, and we don’t want to know”

The take-back-your-vote-law applies to anyone who cast an absentee ballot before November 2nd. The Secretary of State says you can change your mind through November 1st. “They can claw back, and take back their ballot 24 up to seven days one week, before the election. 27 It’s a little known fact”

No one sees your absentee ballot. It’s inside an unmarked sealed envelope. That envelope slides into another, which is marked with identifying information. “It’s very secure.”

In Hennepin County, all absentee ballots are secured on the 18th floor of a nearby office building. “Card key, door opens.”

This is where 19,000 absentee ballots are already stored. If you change your vote, your local election office will retrieve your ballot. “We’ll actually look up that voter.  We’ll find the precinct that voter lives in.  We’ll pull that ballot from the box. We’ll reject that ballot before we issue a new ballot to the voter.”