Some people are nervous to dress up like a clown

Even McDonald’s will scale back the use of Ronald McDonald

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Local residents told 22News the negative and sometimes violent stigma attached to creepy clowns is forcing them to rethink their Halloween plans.

Even McDonald’s, who uses the red haired friendly clown Ronald McDonald as its mascot, put out a statement saying they will scale back the use of Ronald McDonald at community events.

Last week in Northampton, a clown was spotted outside of the McDonald’s on King Street reportedly taunting people at the restaurant.

Michelle Desmond of Hadley told 22News the clown incidents have made her think twice about dressing up as a clown for Halloween. “Oh absolutely. I actually have a best friend who wanted to be a clown before this all started coming out. Now she is sad about it because she had a makeup plan and a mask; she knew what she wanted to be and now it’s one of those things where people are worried about the potential violence with the clown costumes.”

Other local clown sighting include a hoax sighting at UMass Amherst that set off a student search, and a viral promotional video for New England Scarefest.

If clowns aren’t your thing, WalMart told 22News trendy costumes this year include superheroes, along with classic cartoon characters.

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