More than 200 newborns treated for addiction at OH hospital

A lot of TLC can help comfort drug addicted babies

AKRON, OH (WEWS) – Nurses at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio are busy caring for heroin addicted babies. In the last two years they’ve treated more than 200 newborns addicted to heroin.

The babies are addicted to heroin, because their pregnant mom used heroin. When the babies are born, they go through painful withdrawal including seizures.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Connie Teal told WEWS that through medication, like morphine, they can nurse babies back to health. In addition to medication, a lot of TLC can also help comfort drug addicted babies.

“Things such as, having mom hold the baby skin to skin, having them in a quiet environment, low lighting, low noises, and encouraging the family to be here as much as possible to take care of them,” said Teal. “If we implement enough of those interventions, we’re hoping we can decrease the amount of time the babies have to spend on medication.”

The hospital also helps the mother’s deal with drug addiction.

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