Mom says 4-year-old eats pot-laced Wendy’s fries

The restaurant chain promised to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible

(CNN) – Wendy’s says it’s investigating claims that a customer found pot in its french fries. The woman in Dayton, Ohio says her four year-old girl daughter tasted pot while she was chewing her food.

Dezeray Risner, Wendy’s Customer: “At first I thought it was like charred french fries, they burned them with something.”

Take a closer look and you will see, there is something else there.

Dezeray Risner, “But as I was looking, you could see the paper. You could see the marijuana in it. I put it up to my nose you could smell it!”

Dezeray risner stopped at this Wendy’s on Brandt pike after picking her daughters up from daycare Tuesday. When 4-year-old Adrienne complained that her french fries were “yucky,” she told her to spit them out. This, she says, is what she found.

Dezeray Risner, “They were chewed up with it, that’s the point. Like it was in her food.”

Yeah, you actually. She spit food onto your hand. In that food that was inside of her mouth was marijuana?

Dezeray Risner, “Yes.”

From your 4-year-old daughter’s mouth?

Dezeray Risner, “Yes.”

Risner said she called Wendy’s and the manager laughed, then said it couldn’t have been one of her employees.

Dezeray Risner, “That wasn’t professional at all.”

I talked to Huber Heights police this morning. They say what that mother found is marijuana and say two of the three employees they questioned do smoke pot. Both insisted, however, that they were not responsible for the tainted fries.

Dezeray Risner, “I’m assuming it probably finally fell in with the french fries. I shouldn’t have to check my child’s food for drugs.”

Police tell newscenter 7, there are no surveillance cameras in the food prep area, so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to prove anything. Their investigation is ongoing.

Wendy’s said in a statement that it’s conducting a thorough internal investigation. The restaurant chain also promised to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.