Wikileaks releases stolen Clinton campaign emails

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton’s team had hoped this would be its memorable moment on the trail.  A Clinton and a Gore on-stage, in Florida.  The old band back together.

Instead, Clinton’s campaign found itself fighting allegations and responding to the release of thousands of private emails sent to and from its chair John Podesta that were hacked and published by Wikileaks.

A new cache of those emails appeared to show conversations and what opponents call collusion, between the campaign and the department of justice.

In one email, Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, a former DOJ spokesman, appears to receive and pass along information from his contacts at the justice department about a court brief related to Clinton’s emails that had just been filed.

This exchange did not pertain to the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private server, but rather a lawsuit to make those emails public.

The campaign pointed out the filings were public record and stressed that the hacks are illegal.

However Donald Trump tweeted: “I hope people are looking at the disgraceful behavior of Hillary Clinton as exposed by Wikileaks.  She is unfit to run.”

As Clinton opponents sift through thousands of hacked emails, Clinton’s campaign is using Al Gore to sell the idea that every vote counts, Take it from me, it was a very close election. Here’s my point, here’s my point.  Elections have consequences!  Your vote counts!  Your vote has consequences!”

The sunshine state ended Gore’s presidential aspirations in 2000, when the Supreme Court halted a recount, leaving him 537 votes shy of beating Bush.

Since then he’s made preaching against climate change his mission an issue Clinton’s team believes could help motivate millennials, “When it comes to most urgent issue, choice is clear: Hillary will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority.  It’s that simple.  Her opponent would take us toward a climate catastrophe.”

Clinton’s campaign is taking nothing for granted in Florida.  As his former running mate appeared with his wife in Miami, Bill Clinton was stumping at a voter registration event in south Florida.

Bill Clinton stumping at a voter registration event in South Florida.  A court order pushed the state’s voter registration deadline back from Tuesday, to Wednesday at 5 pm in the wake of Hurricane Matthew and the Clinton team is hoping a court will extend it even further.

More than 450,000 Americans have already voted, casting early votes or absentee ballots in 27 states where data is available.

The former president getting personal when it comes to his wife, “So why should you be for her?  One is she’s the best change maker I’ve ever known.   I’ve known her a long time!  Today is my 41st wedding anniversary!”

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