What to do if you see a fox

Some people have noticed an increase in foxes.

fox istock
Red Fox- iStock photo

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Foxes don’t hibernate, they are animals that stay year round.

There are ways to keep them out of your yard. Make it uncomfortable for them. You can do this by trimming bushes back, keep your trash secure, and make sure any fences that have holes are patched up.

There are ways to tell if a fox has rabies. 22News went to Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center to find out.

Hannah Chapman, Animal Control Supervisor, told 22News, “Symptoms of rabies can vary, hyper aggressive, lethargic, if the animal is approaching you or coming really close to you trying to get into your property not just wandering through your yard those are all reasons to be concerned.”

If you have small pets, like a cat or dog, and see a fox, keep them inside. If you do see a fox contact police or your local animal control.

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