West Springfield residents frustrated with Memorial Avenue parking

"It's scary to get out of here," one resident said

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents in West Springfield are fed up with what they call a parking disaster on Memorial Avenue.  They say customers of local businesses park on the street making it near impossible to turn out of side streets.

“It’s scary to get out of here, and like I said, I had a bad accident here and you can’t get out,” said Desta Krupa of West Springfield.

The town has recently added a sign which says “No Parking” in an area near the corner of Memorial Avenue and Exposition Terrace, but residents say it’s not always enforced.

“They park right there anyway, it’s hard to get out into the street, really hard. If a car is parked here, you have to go half way out into the street just to look and see if another car is coming. If another car is coming, you’re in trouble,” Otis Ganard of West Springfield said.

We contacted West Springfield Mayor William Reichelt, who told 22News that it is legal for drivers to park on that section of Memorial Avenue, as long as they are not within 20 feet of the intersection.

Some residents want the town to eliminate the on-street parking on Memorial Avenue altogether. However, one local business owner told 22News that additional parking is essential for his business.

“We’ve been doing business for 20 years on the avenue with no complaints, and just recently we’ve been getting complaints about people can’t see pulling out. We are entitled to on-street parking, and when my parking lot does fill up, my customers spill onto Memorial Avenue and down the side streets,” said Dominic Pompi, Owner and Operator of Memo’s Restaurant.

Pompi also told 22News they are in the process of buying an additional lot, so that they can add more parking for their customers.