Warren campaigns for Clinton in Cape Cod

(CNN) – A leading supporter of democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is speaking out against her republican rival, Donald Trump.

A day after the second presidential debate, which had Donald Trump on the defensive explaining his controversial comments about women recorded back in 2005, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is turning Trump’s words into a campaign ad.

Secretary Clinton is campaigning in Michigan, attending a voter registration event, and highlighting what she sees as failures in trump’s character and in his debate performance, “Donald Trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren is also wading into the controversy, talking yet again today about her disdain for Trump, while visiting a cranberry bog in Buzzards Bay.

The senator is calling out all republicans, even those who are not supporting Trump, like Governor Charlie Baker.

“I think the governor should stand up here. Donald trump is right now the leader of the Republican Party. I think that means every republican needs to make clear where they stand,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Governor Baker’s office issued a statement, saying the governor has repeatedly said trump is not fit to be president, and the 2005 video is further evidence of that.

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