Trump says “shackles are off” in GOP fight

Donald Trump
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

(CNN) – Hemorrhaging support from inside the Republican Party, Donald trump is sounding like a candidate, who’s wounded and becoming isolated, “I may be limping across that finish line but we’re going to get across that finish line.”

One day after house speaker Paul Ryan announced he’s now focusing entirely on preserving the GOP majorities in congress.

Trump raged out on twitter: “it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.” And “our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty.”

However, Ryan is staying above the fray, with a spokesman for house speaker saying in a statement: “Paul Ryan is focusing the next month on defeating democrats, and all republicans running for office should probably do the same.”

For now, Trump is holding on to his core group of advisers.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who skipped Sunday’s debate, finally emerged after the firestorm ignited by Trump’s tape-gate, “I would have done it much differently. But I do think he’s sorry and I do think he’s embarrassed by it. No question in my mind about it. I was there, when he found out about it, and there’s no question in my mind that he’s embarrassed by it. But I think he should have been much more direct and much more focused just on saying “I’m sorry” and only “I’m sorry.”

Even as another key supporter, Doctor Ben Carson is trying to downplay the scandal, “As I was growing up, people were always talking about their sexual conquests.”

Rudy Giuliani made light of the tape in knocking Hillary Clinton, “Boy, she’s phony as, I can’t say the word, I can’t say that to be nice, I might say it back in the locker room.”

Falling behind in the polls, Trump is ramping up his rhetoric, openly engaging in the idea of jailing Clinton if he’s elected.

A former republican Attorney-General Michael Mukasey, who has been highly critical of Clinton’s e-mail conduct blasted trump for that threat, adding “it would be like a banana republic.” and Trump is back to battling his old nemesis, Arizona senator John McCain tweeting: “the very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support during his primary (I gave, he won), then dropped me over locker room remarks!”

At a debate for his re-election, McCain says he may write-in Lindsay Graham for president, “It’s not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. But this, I have daughters, I have friends, I have so many wonderful people on my staff, they cannot be degraded and demeaned in that fashion.

After Trump’s tweets, sources close to speaker Ryan said the GOP nominee is on an ego trip that could split his party in two.

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