Rick Steves advocates for pot legalization in Massachusetts

Steves: The prohibition of marijuana is unproductive

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – In November, Massachusetts residents will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of recreational marijuana and one advocate is hoping to end the stigma.

Host of the PBS series “Rick Steves’ Europe” and prominent marijuana policy reform advocate, Rick Steves, spoke at UMass Amherst on Tuesday to tell voters why they should support Question 4.

Steves told 22News that the prohibition of marijuana is unproductive, expensive and a violation of our civil liberties; “But it’s a reality and people smoke pot and I think there’s a smarter way to regulate the industry than having it be a black market industry.”

He pointed to his home state of Washington, where over $130-million in tax revenue has been generated since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2012.

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