Matthew’s water remains

Residents of eastern North Carolina forced from their homes by Hurricane Matthew's flooding may have to wait days before they can return to survey the damage.

(NBC News) Hurricane Matthew is gone, but a state of emergency is still in effect across the Carolinas.

Thousands are still out of their homes, and the water in many areas is still rising.

More than 1,500 hundred people were rescued from homes and vehicles Monday, some shuttled to safety by boat, others lifted out by helicopter.

“It’s emotional everywhere, everybody is crying, everybody is scared,” says Levander Clark, a resident of Lumberton, North Carolina.

Dozens of roads and highways are closed, blocked by water or debris and bridges have been washed away.

“We worked all our life for what we had in our homes, and to go in there and see everything upside down and we have nothing left besides us and the grace of God. I know you can get all that back, but I don’t see how now,” Clark says.

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