Distractions dominate the second presidential debate

Somehow smitten with Ken Bone's mustache and his red sweater, Twitter lit up

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(CNN) – It may have been one of the nastiest presidential debates ever, but there were still reasons not to pay attention to what the candidates were saying.

What do a fly, a sniff, and a red sweater have in common? The power to distract us from a doozy of a debate.

The fly got a lot of buzz when it buzzed Hillary’s brow. It lingered on her finger. Nestled on her chest. Spawning more than a dozen twitter accounts claiming to be the fly. Her restraint caused some to compare her to the robot that didn’t flinch on Westworld.

The fly made only a brief cameo, but Trump’s sniffs were non-stop pests. Critics called the sniff a tell, saying, “the bigger the sniff, the bigger the lie.”

Last debate, Donald suggested a bum microphone picked up his breathing. However, a biomechanics coach blames it on Donald’s posture interfering with his ribcage, requiring him to sniff to get more oxygen to his brain.

Additionally, one undecided voter’s sweater was nothing to sniff at. Somehow smitten with Ken Bone’s mustache and his red sweater, Twitter lit up. Izod tried to cash in, promoting the sweater selling for $48.99 at Kohls.

Ken Bone explained how he originally was wearing an olive suit to the debate, saying, “I split the seat of my pants all the way open, so the red sweater is Plan B.”

Maybe the candidates could use a Plan B. Lose all that lurking and looming.

GOP Analyst Steve Schmidt described the debate as “a mongoose and a cobra in a steel cage match.”

Only there was no hissing at the debate, just sniffing.