$1,000 in birdhouses stolen from elderly man

Del sells the birdhouses outside of his son's home

(CNN) – An 80-year-old Oregon man is searching for answers after a theft so fowl. Someone stole dozens of birdhouses he built with his own hands.

Del Rose, who builds custom birdhouses, says it started as a way to kill two birds with one stone. “I retired, and I needed more money, you know for my social security,” he said.

He sells them outside of his son’s home, just off of River Road.

This past weekend, Del left the houses just outside of the gate. He says he’s never had any trouble before, but on Saturday, that changed.

Rose explained, “I had quite a few made and they disappeared.”

Forty-four custom built birdhouses disappeared on Saturday.

Rose noted, “The cabinet hardware on, they took all those. And then I had nine planters and they left one.”

It’s a lot of lost work and a lot of lost time.

Rose said, “How did I feel? Well, it’s a lot of work starting over.”

It is a lot of lost money too. One-thousand, eighty dollars to be exact.

The biggest question, though, is why steal forty-four birdhouses?

“Where they going to sell it?” Rose asked. “You know, nobody makes birdhouses with hardware on them.”

That’s a question Del is still trying to answer.