Would you get a mystery tattoo?

People queued around the block for the chance to be selected

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – Meet a man who has put all his trust in the artist behind the screen.

Chris Sexton said, “I just loved the idea of doing something spontaneous and a little bit different to what other people do.”

His arm – placed through a hole in the wall – is being tattooed. He’s got no idea what the design will be.

Sexton explained, “Getting a tattoo like this is like getting a Christmas gift. You know, unwrapping a box and not knowing what’s inside. It’s exactly the same, only this one you can’t throw away or re-gift!”

Celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell is known for inking A-listers like Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz. This weekend, he offered 18 ordinary Londoners a free tattoo. The only condition: they had no say in what it would be.

Sexton noted, “It’s exactly what I wanted so I’m thrilled. It’s paid off.”

Campbell says the project offers people a chance to not take their physical selves too seriously, and being a serious artist, he wasn’t giving interviews.

People queued around the block for the chance to be selected. Then, a nervous wait to see what tattoo Campbell had given them.

Participant Nidhi Modi said, “I have not even heard his voice today, so we didn’t communicate at all.”

All seemed happy, at least publicly.

Modi said, “It’s just beautiful, when I saw it for the first time, I was like completely speechless.”

Let’s hope the feeling lasts, because this art is forever.