Teen clowns cited in “dangerous” stunt

clowns arrested
Three teens wearing clown masks threaten Babies R Us customers with realistic bb-gun, then flee into I-40 traffic when police arrive.

(KOB) Three Albuquerque, New Mexico teens have been cited after brandishing a gun while wearing clown masks outside of a Babies R Us store.

Police say the incident, described as a prank, could have been deadly.

Albuquerque police treated the call as a possible robbery in progress as they arrived on scene.

“In a split second decision as an officer or a citizen…you see this pointed in your direction, you’re going to think it’s a real gun,” Officer Simon Drobik said as he displayed the bb-gun takend from the teens. “This is basically a replica of a Baretta–it would have been a felony if they point that gun at someone.”

The three juveniles are reported to have removed their masks and dropped the gun as the police arrived. APD says they attempted to flee on foot across I-40.

“They came close to death just by running across the freeway,” said Officer Drobik.

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