Suspicious activity at North Korean launch site

The U.S. and South Korean forces are stepping up military drills

(CNN) – New activity at North Korea’s satellite launch facility and South Korea’s has a plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un if they feel threatened by North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Monday, tensions between Kim Jong Un and his enemies are ramping up.

Intelligence agencies from Seoul to Washington, watching to see if North Korea’s combustible ruler is preparing for a provocation, sometime around America’s election. Monday, the monitoring group ’38 north’ has new satellite pictures of the Sohae satellite launching station in North Korea, pictures which indicate, something could be brewing.

Joel Wit, of 38 north said, “what we’re seeing is activity near here. We see crates on the launch pad and we see activity here near the fuel-oxidizer bunker. There are some vehicles out front. And so this could mean that the north is getting ready to launch a rocket.”

Sohae is a recently-upgraded rocket station, the place where North Korea launched a satellite in February, and other rocket tests and more.

Wit said, “the North Koreans are developing a larger space-launch vehicle which, the technology in that vehicle could be used for an inter-continental ballistic missile.”

Those are long-range missiles North Korea is believed to be developing, which could soon have the capability to strike the U.S. with a nuclear warhead. A U.S. intelligence official tells CNN Kim Jong Un could launch more missile-tests in the coming weeks. Kim’s aggression, prompting the U.S. to make its own statement, these B1 bombers over South Korea.

The U.S. and South Korean forces are stepping up military drills. Monday, they’re conducting anti-submarine drills together off the coast of South Korea, possibly in response to Kim’s submarine-launched missile tests, in august. Off Alaska, American and South Korean forces are simulating attacks on nuclear facilities.

Recently South Korea’s defense minister said his country has elite troops on stand-by to assassinate Kim Jong Un, if South Korea feels threatened by North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Analysts say the North Koreans are better-trained for that kind of mission.

Gordon Chang, columnist at The Daily Beast said, “They have not been operating in North Korea, as far as we know, for decades. And so they don’t have the practical experience. But the North Korean special operations forces have operated in South Korea recently and are probably more capable than their South Korean counterparts.”

North Korean Special Forces have launched several commando-raids inside South Korea and made multiple attempts to assassinate South Korean presidents in years past.