Must-win game Monday night for Red Sox, David Ortiz

Red Sox trying to avoid sweep by Cleveland Indians

BOSTON (WWLP) – It will take a Red Sox win Monday night at Fenway Park to not only keep their season alive, but also David Ortiz’s career.

The Sox are currently at risk of being swept in the best-of-five AL Division series against the Cleveland Indians. They will, however have a better support system Monday; returning to Fenway after the first two games in Cleveland.

Fans at Fenway are confident that this will not be the last time they see Big Papi on the diamond.

“Yeah there’s no way this is going to be the last game, we’ll see him more, we’ll see him way more than that, I guarantee you that. If Papi is doing as good as he is now, I feel like there’s no way he’ll slow down at this point,” Brian McCauley of Tewksbury said.

“Hopefully they’ll do something before the game for him, too. He deserves it. He’s great, probably the best player they’ve ever had. He’s had such a tremendous year this year, its been great,” Peter Regas of New Hampshire said.

The Red Sox have won 13 of their last 19 games at home. Those were all regular-season games. Stats that not as promising, however, are those of the Red Sox’ starting pitcher tonight. That is Clay Buchholz, who had a hard time keeping his spot in the rotation during the regular season.

Fans 22News spoke with in Fenway, however, were confident that Buchholz will keep the Red Sox alive in Monday night’s game.