1,910 lb pumpkin wins championship weigh-off

Cindy Tobeck ended up winning this year's contest with a pumpkin weighing 1,910 pounds

SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) – Pumpkins are starting to show up on porches and yards, but not like the ones for the world champion weigh-off. Farmers are in half moon bay, just south of San Francisco to show off some absolutely huge pumpkins.

It’s fall in Half Moon Bay, with foggy conditions and cool temperatures, but everything is a little brighter on the day of the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh Off. Big pumpkins bring big dreams of the big grand prize.

Cindy Tobeck, a contestant said, “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever grown, and I’m really excited to be here. This is my ultimate pumpkin fantasy to be here in half moon bay with something really large.”

Top contenders arrived early. The winner gets 6-dollars a pound, which ends up being around 12-thousand dollars for a two-thousand pound gourd, but organizers started small on the scales.

You can spot the Pasmoij sisters by their pumpkin hats.

“Mine is the farthest one.”

This is their sixth year at the weigh off. They’ve never won, but it’s still a competition.

Violet Pasmoij said, “Her’s has been the biggest for a couple years now.

“Now do you expect to have the biggest in the future?”

Pasmoij responded, “Hopefully.”

Just like the top growers, there’s a secret ingredient to their garden in the back yard of their Los Altos home.

Eveliena Pamoij said, “Well, we have bunnies and we use their poop as fertilizer and we put it in the soil and we think that helps.”

Cindy Tobeck ended up winning this year’s contest with a pumpkin weighing 1,910 pounds.

Organizers were hoping to see a record breaking pumpkin; the world record had been 2,232 pounds, but now a pumpkin weighing 2,624 pounds has reportedly been grown in Belgium.