22News visits popular Irish tourist destination

The Guinness Brewery was established in 1759

Photo: Thinkstock

IRELAND (WWLP) – With a new direct flight from Bradley International Airport to Dublin, Ireland, people headed across the Atlantic are going sightseeing and visiting some of the attractions.

The Guinness Brewery in downtown Dublin is a significant tourist attraction and it also has a major impact on the local economy and overseas. It is a drink that represents a lot of history and heritage in Ireland.

People from all over the world, including western Massachusetts, go to the Guinness Brewery, which started back in 1759. The 257 year old company has spread across the world.

Guinness Storehouse Beer Specialist Nick Doyle told 22News, “Here, you have a pint of Guinness draft from the tap, and you have it in the states. It’s all made here, and we average about 3.5 million pints of Guinness a day and 65% of what we make is exported.”

Doyle went on to explain how to do a proper pour, saying, “You need the two part pour. So, a nice angle, aim it for the harp. Bring the handle all the way down towards you, and then slowly straighten the glass. Let it rest, let it surge, and you’ll see the cascade come down as it settles out. Really what happens is the head’s foaming. So, it’s 75% nitrogen, 25% CO2. Let it rest up and go back in and do the second part. Top it off holding the glass straight. Push the glass away while doing so. Lift the head to the top of the glass and finish with the head just a bit above the lip of the glass.”