Father and daughter targeted in fake ransom scheme

Arlington county police are now trying to track down the people behind this horrible scheme

VIRGINIA (CNN) – Kendall Smith got the scare of her life at her work in Arlington, Virginia, on Thursday when someone called during lunch using her dad’s cell phone number saying he’s been kidnapped.

“So how scared were you?”

Kendall Smith, the victim said, “I don’t even think I can put it into words.  It was kind of a shock all of a sudden.  Ok. Accident you have my dad hostage?  What?”

The caller said her dad hit their child with his vehicle and they’re holding him until you hand over the cash. Call the police and your father is dead.

Smith said, “They want $1,322.”

The kidnappers told Kendall to go to this check cashing spot on north glebe to wire the ransom.

Her entire office was on edge.

“They kept saying don’t hang up.  Don’t hang up. Don’t hang up.  If you get off the phone we are going to kill your dad.”

Here is where the bad guys made a mistake.  They called Kendall’s dad up in Fairfax county.

“I don’t even know how they had the calls connected, because at one point I could hear my dad talking and he could hear me talking but we couldn’t necessarily talk to each other.”

Her dad called Kendall’s boss and the scheme was busted wide open.

Smith’s father told the office he was okay and the so-called kidnappers were playing out the same scheme on him. He used a second phone to call Kendall’s office while on the phone with the kidnappers. So how did this happen?

The bad guys could have been using a fake caller I.D. and voice changer app, where you can use anybody’s phone number like it’s your own.

“I hung up. Subsequently, no money was sent anywhere,” said Smith

Arlington county police are now trying to track down the people behind this horrible scheme.