Holyoke festival celebrates the city’s history

The citywide festival included pumpkin carving at the Wistariahurst museum

Holyoke is receiving the most funding out of all western Massachusetts communities

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a weekend festival for the city of Holyoke. They celebrated what’s new and what’s traditional for the paper city.

Visitors to Heritage State Park could learn about the importance of railroading to the city’s history.

Railroad historian Charlie O’Connell said that the Pioneer Valley railroad, along with the Westfield railroad, have a rich, meaningful history for Holyoke.

O’Connell told 22News, “It came off of the Santa Fe railroad back in 1984, and was sent up to us in 1990 and put into service. If you look at it, it says city of Holyoke. This has always been part of the city of Holyoke.”

The citywide festival also ranged from pumpkin carving at the Wistariahurst museum to a Latin jazz festival in front of Holyoke city hall.