Drivers not pulling over for emergency vehicles

If you don't pull over for emergency vehicles you could pay a fine up to $105.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts police have put a warning out to residents that they will be ticketed if they don’t pull over for emergency vehicles.

For those percentage of calls that where seconds and minutes do matter. We want to make sure we can get there as soon as possible.

The law requires people to get out of the way of emergency vehicles when the lights and sirens are going, but unfortunately not everyone does.

AMR Paramedic and Field Supervisor Mark Laprade told 22News, “Sometimes it does get a little stressful when people kind of freeze a little bit and don’t pull to the right.”

The Longmeadow Police Department recently posted on Facebook that they have noticed a trend of motorists not pulling off to the side of the road to stop when approached or being passed by emergency vehicles.

With the lights or sirens going or not it’s good to be cautious around these vehicles because each call is a different priority.

For Paramedics, headed to any call they are already going through a checklist of what must be done so they can help you. AMR Paramedic Mark Laprade told 22News it’s not just about courtesy on the roadway, it’s about getting a lifesaving job done. “Obviously the most important thing when we are driving to a call lights and sirens is making sure that everyone pulls to the right and not to the left or whichever they want to go. If everyone pulls to the right it’s a uniform thing and we can kind of just go down the middle,” said Laprade.

When pulling to the right isn’t an option, say when you’re in a construction area. Just clear the way as quickly and safely as you are able to.

In Massachusetts, if you don’t pull over for emergency vehicles you could pay a fine up to $105.