“Deepwater Horizon”

A Look at the Movies

Rated PG-13

1 hour 50 minutes

Mark Walberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Don’t be too surprised that all spectacular disaster epics are not created with equal importance. There’s the foolish earthquake style adventure, “San Andreas”, designed to excite the kids and be quickly forgotten.

And then there’s the gripping “Deepwater Horizon”, a fearsome spectacular with a social conscience. Incompetent  company executives refuse to face facts about an endangered oil rig. It’s not long before Mark Walberg and his crew mates get a crash course in disaster survival.

But not before, in typical Hollywood fashion, Kate Hudson back home, learns the real meaning of her husband living dangerously.

Director Peter Berg refuses us the relief of once catching our breath during the frightening catastrophe. Nor should he, since he’s recreating the fatal oil rig disaster of 2010, triggering the most massive oil spill in history. Let’s see any one confuse “Deepwater Horizon” with those fantasy disasters that serve as mass entertainment for the unconcerned.

If only boss John Malkovich had taken Mark Walberg seriously. Play it smart by putting  “Deepwater Horizon” high on your list of must see movie going  this fall. “Deepwater Horizon” goes out of its way to earn a hearty 3 stars. Sure it’s grim and often downbeat, but overall the film is so richly rewarding.