Repair work nearly finished at Northampton parking garage

Structure was built back in 1989, but is in good shape

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Repair work is underway on downtown Northampton’s parking garage.

The work on the E.J. Gare Garage behind Thornes Marketplace is now in its final stage. The four year project was undertaken to maintain and modernize the structure, which was first opened back in 1989.

Crews inside are making repairs to the concrete, waterproofing joints, and replacing rusted drainage pipes. Because of this work, about 30 to 50 spaces are blocked. Those spaces change as the crews move around the garage.

Northampton Central Services Director David Pomerantz told 22News that the garage has held up well over the years.

“Very well. Structural engineers that have looked at the building almost can’t believe that it’s a 1989 structure. With maintenance and a little bit of TLC, the structures can last for a long time,” Pomerantz said.

Some of the spaces you will see gated-off are to prvent debris from falling from overhead onto your vehicle.

The repair work on the 420-space garage is expected to be complete in the next week.