Lazy cat foils attempted home burglary

This fat cat's earned some street cred in his living room

(CNN) – A fat cat in Washington is being hailed a hero. He’s also getting lots of treats after alerting his owner to a break in.

Strider’s constant lounging, trips to the food bowl and his overall apathy have earned the cat a reputation.

(Barb Gansberg, Owner) “Well he’s fat and he’s lazy.”

(Kerry Gansberg, Husband) “He’ll just stare at you and meow. He’s kind of a pain in the rump.”

In fairness, barb and Kerry gifted him to their girls 10 years ago, and as Kerry says, “And it became our problem.

So these disinterested parents laid down ground rules. No wandering into the bedroom, which is actually why we’re here.

Barb was alone Tuesday morning getting ready for work, when in strolls Strider into the forbidden zone. “And he sneaks into my bedroom like this. He’s looking at me. I thought what the heck is wrong with you. And he sat right here.”

The timid seat was a signal. Barb ran out and found two burglars in the house, her purse in hand. “So I just yelled hey, and off they went.”

They made it one block before police caught them. Good thing too – Strider was in hot pursuit.

This fat cat’s earned some street cred in his living room.

Barb says, “He may have saved the day. I didn’t know the cat had it in him.”

He’s earned some real tuna too. Kerry says, “He’s a hero for the time being. But all good things must come to an end unfortunately.”

After all, a lazy leopard can’t change its spots.

(Barb Gansberg, Owner) “Still fat and lazy.”

(Kerry Gansberg, Husband) “And I don’t expect that to change.*

Plus there’s another theory to that whole hero thing. Maybe he was just being a scaredey cat.

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