More children continue to die after being left in hot cars

According to, 37 children have died so far, the latest on Thursday.

Automobile Industries and and advocacy groups are finding ways to prevent kids from being left in cars.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass.(WWLP) – Summer is over, but more children are continuing to die after being left in hot cars. It’s something no parent imagines doing, yet it continues to happen.

According to, 10 months into the year, and 37 children have died so far. That’s 12 more than all of 2015.

The latest death was Thursday in Salisbury, North Carolina. Meanwhile, a former Mississippi police officer is charged with manslaughter, after leaving her 3 year-old daughter in her police cruiser last week.

“There’s no excuse,” says Richard LeBlanc of Southampton, parent of a 5 month-old son. “A parent is a parent. Take your child with you. When you go to the corner store, take the kid with you and out of the car with you.”

Mother Amanda Lachapelle of Springfield told 22News all parents need to slow down, pay attention, and make sure their children stay a priority throughout the day. “Pay attention to the precious cargo that’s in your vehicle,” said Lachapelle. “You shouldn’t be leaving them in the car anyways, beacuse wherever you’re going, they’re going with you.”

Now, GPS apps are even working to stop this from happening, like the app Waze. It offers to send drivers a notification as soon as you get to your destination to check the back of your car.

Damien Lachapelle told 22News, “I think it’s sad that an app has to tell you, as a parent, things that should be common sense as a parent.”

You can avoid these senseless tragedies by making it a routine to check your rear seat every time you park.

  • Leave something there to remind you to look back.
  • You can place a stuffed animal in the car seat, and place it in the front as a reminder when the child is strapped in.
  • If you see a child left alone in the car, call 9-1-1, and know you’re protected if you have to break in and save them.