13-year-old makes case for catch of the year

All that bobbling won't go to his head

(CNN) – There are more unusual things to catch than a football. For instance, when a crowd surfing member of a Dutch band caught and drank a beer.

Or when a dad sat his son on the luggage counter at an airport in Poland. The boy fell but was caught by a security officer.

At least 13-year old Jaden Wilson didn’t bobble a baby. The youth football league Pro Titans in Wellington, Florida tried a little razzle dazzle, then passed to Jaden.  Watch him bobble, behind his back, on his knees, on his feet, bobbles again…touchdown. An unforgettable catch, right?

He said, “I don’t really remember the play.  It was just shocking that I actually caught it when I ended up with it.”

Jaden’s dad was on the sidelines talking to his wife on the phone. “He kept bobbling the ball and I was like “he caught it, he dropped it, no, he didn’t drop it.’”

How cool is this? At the age of 13 to not only be included in SportsCenter’s top ten plays, but to be number 1.

“Catch of the year!” tweeted someone. But a naysayer disagreed…”if he was actually really good it wouldn’t have been bobbled so much.” Try telling that to the undefeated Pro Titans, not to mention Jaden’s dad.

But this kid is humble. All that bobbling won’t go to his head.

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