Republicans now supporting Clinton after debate

Others Trump supporters are jumping ship and pledging their support for Hillary Clinton

(CNN) – The presidential candidates face off at their second debate on Sunday. Donald Trump may need a better performance to build support in key swing states such as Nevada, where polls show his support dropping after the first debate.

Many of his supporters are standing by him, but others are jumping ship and pledging their support for Hillary Clinton.

Robert Klein is a biker, an army veteran, and a registered republican. He says he has never before voted for a democrat for president.

So why is the Nevada resident at a democratic rally in support of Hillary Clinton? He says the first presidential debate is the reason.

Before you watched the debate, who were you going to vote for?

Robert Klein, Nevada voter said, “Donald Trump.”

After the debate ended, what did you think?

Robert Klein, “Totally convinced Hillary Clinton.”

Following the debate, polling indicated a dramatic shift in Nevada a big swing from Trump to Clinton, one of the biggest turnarounds in the country. That’s because of people like Klein, now attending his first ever democratic rally.

Are you disappointed that Donald Trump didn’t convince you that he should be president?

Robert Klein, “Absolutely. Absolutely, because I’ve always admired the man.”

The 55-year-old says it wasn’t anything trump said during the debate that changed his mind.

Robert Kleil, “It’s the things he didn’t say. He never ever speaks that he has a plan or that he has an idea what he’s really getting into.”

Shauneece Bonilla is a Nevadan who says she is an independent.

Before this debate, did you know who you were going to vote for president?

Shauneece Bonilla, Nevada voter said, “No.”

Do you know for sure today?

Shauneece Bonilla, “Yes.”

Who is that?

Shauneece Bonilla, “I’m going to be voting for Hillary.”

Bonilla says Clinton answered questions directly, and as for Trump, “He kind of, instead of answering a direct question, he kind of skirts around it.”

Thomas Stark is a registered democrat, but after Bernie Sanders dropped out, it was Clinton facing Trump.

Thomas Stark, Nevada voter said, “I wasn’t enthusiastic about either one.”

After the debate, he also decided yes for Clinton and no for Trump.

Thomas Stark, “He reminded me of Richard Nixon, and the reason being it just looked like he was hiding too much from the get go.”

Donald Trump’s Nevada campaign stops on this day are part of the effort to stop Clinton’s momentum in the state. Many Trump supporters here firmly believe the upcoming debates can help do just that.

Davis Crouch, Trump supporter, “I think if Trump talks about the issues, then he’ll win Nevada. If it goes like the first debate, then he’ll lose.”

Mickey Watson, Trump supporter said, “I have to have faith in humanity and in people, and I think they’re going to realize that she is crooked.”

Though Robert Klein says his decision is final.

Is it a weird feeling knowing that for the first time you’re not going to vote for a republican for president?

Robert Klein, Nevada voter, “Yes, it is. I feel kinda betrayal.”