Nancy Dell: What to do about weight loss resistance; Sulfites in fruit

Check with your doctor if you feel you need to have sulfite allergy testing

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1. No matter what I do I can’t lose weight.  Can someone really be resistant to weight loss? 
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Weight loss resistance is real for some people. We are very fuel-efficient so that we can survive a famine. Researchers at Stanford found when we cut calories, the number of calories we burn can drop dramatically and slow weight loss. They have also found that some people do better on a low fat diet and others do better on a low carb diet depending on their genes.

Researchers have also found the probiotics or bacteria in our gastrointestinal system can regulate our weight. Obese people have less diverse probiotics in the gut and a higher proportion of bacteria that adapt to a low calorie intake. So if you think you are weight loss resistant, what should you do?

Break Weight Loss Resistance

  • Have a professional look at what you eat
  • Try either a low fat or low carb diet
  • Improve your probiotic health

First have a professional take a look at what you really eat and how many calories you eat. You could try a low fat vs low carb diet to see if one works better than another. Also, try to improve the probiotics in your gut by eating fiber-rich plant foods and fermented foods that have healthy probiotics.

Fermented foods can include low sugar yogurt and kefir as well as raw fermented vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles. Not the ones that have been canned or are in jars on the supermarket shelf. They will be refrigerated and will not be made with vinegar.

2. Why is sulfur added to dried fruit?  Is it harmful?
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Sulfur Dioxide is added to dried fruit to preserve color, flavor and freshness. It is also added to some beer, wine and cooked shrimp.

One percent of people without asthma are sensitive to sulfites and 5 percent of people with asthma are sensitive. If you are sulfite sensitive, it can cause asthma like symptoms as mild as wheezing but as serious as life-threatening breathing difficulty.

Check with your doctor if you feel you need to have sulfite allergy testing.