Gruesome testimony in hot car death trial

Harris trial
Jurors shown photos of 22-month-old's dead body during trial of Ross Harris, the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his son in a hot car to die.

(WXIA) For the first time since the trial began, jurors were shown photos Wednesday of Cooper Harris, the 22-month-old Georgia toddler killed in a hot car in June of 2014.

Several jurors were visibly upset seeing the photos and video of the 22-month-old’s body at the scene. One female juror teared up while several others covered their mouths.

Cobb County Crime Scene Technician Brad Shumpert was called to the stand to detail what he observed at the Akers Mill shopping center parking lot. By the time Shumpert arrived, Ross Harris, Cooper’s father, had already been detained.

The technician said he noticed some scratches on Cooper’s face and noted he was wearing a little shirt that had bicycles on it and little tennis shoes. The child’s skin was pale and rigor mortis had already happened.

“I would describe the smell as you know hot, musty, urine soaked diaper,” Shumpert said. “You know, if you leave a diaper in a car all day long in the heat. It’s a noticeable smell to me.”

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