Clothing vs. costuming

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Does having fun and dressing up as you, scare you? Terry Standish, our Visual Intuitive Guide from helped us find balance and harmony between our “inner and outer closet” with tips for a successful connection with ourselves, so we can begin to feel more comfortable in the skin we’re in.

1) Clothing verses Costume– Clothing we wear daily matches who we are verses a costume that allows us to pretend to be something we are not. A problem occurs when we confuse the two. When we are using clothing as a costume, to be something we hide behind or leaves us feeling fake and uncomfortable.

2 ) Closet Reading– First step to a closet reading is to understand that all of your choices tells us a collective story about you. It tells us all about how you have felt, what you have thought and believed about yourself over time. Are you dreading the closet? Are you scared to see what your choices are? Let’s make it fun instead. Once you understand you better, others can help you to find what you want.

3) Does that Story of that Closet Reading, Match Your Truth? – Is it really what you want to say about yourself. Do the items you own still call to you, so you want to wear them or are they more like the ghost of your past? Are they the colors, patterns, fabrics that call to your soul and make you feel alive to see and wear them?

4) Changing your Choices Based on Your Soul Truth? – Changing the inventory based on your relationship to your choices is the next step. Letting go of the darkness and negative energy that makes getting ready a chore or drudgery.

5) Fashion play– Have fun and let go and enjoy the choices without judgment, like we did when were kids getting ready for a play, dress up or Halloween but this time we are focused on being ourselves.