Massachusetts boy becomes firefighter for the day

Sostre is the first 3rd grader to be a sworn-in Chelsea firefighter

CHELSEA, Mass. (CNN) – A dream come true for a little boy living with terminal cancer. He loves firefighters and firefighters in Chelsea, Massachusetts made him one of their own for the day. 8 years old and outfitted with a uniform, this is a special call to duty.

The firefighter for a day, Rylee Sostre said, “It was really shocking just to see a firefighter and truck in the front of my house, I was like, what!”

Rylee Sostre has been rushed from home when he has massive seizures, and stops breathing. He has chemo often because he has terminal brain stem cancer. Today a good adrenaline rush and emergency ride. Meet the first 3rd grader to be a sworn-in Chelsea firefighter.

Deputy Chief John Quatieri, of the Chelsea fire dept. said, “I can’t imagine what the family is going thru and this puts things in perspective for you.”

Oh the joy in this. The oldest of 4 siblings Rylee wishes he could hose down his sisters.

Rylee said, “I want to come back and just spray them.”

At the surprise pizza party, Rylee compared the rigors of working the hose, to his regular day.

“I play video games and my hands get tired” said Rylee

Toys on the engine worthy of taking home. Rylee’s family so appreciated today. They worry about his every tomorrow.

Joanne Salas, Rylee’s grandmother said, “We notice the color of the sky, the people walking by we treasure every memory.”

“You’re like part of my family now. This is more friends than I ever had” Said Rylee.