Westfield man stabs himself

The incident reportedly happened on West School Street

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) –A neighbor reported that a man allegedly stabbed himself after an altercation on Monday.

The incident reportedly happened on West School Street. Police acknowledged that they responded to an address on that street for a call, but would not provide any further information at the time of request. Police were said to have been investigating someone who is connected to a spate of rental scams at the address in question.

Westfield Police warn of rental scams

According to a neighbor who requested to remain anonymous, they witnessed a verbal dispute between the man and another person. The dispute was allegedly over money that may have been related to a rental scheme. The neighbor said that the person who was confronting the man had been in the area before, asking neighbors about the history of the property and renting from the man.

Police responded to the scene after the neighbor called them and they were able to separate the two parties, the neighbor said.

After a discussion with both, the neighbor said that the man offered to pay the money back, but that he asked to go into the house and retrieve it.

The neighbor said that the next she heard was a lot of commotion.

“I heard a lot of ‘put your hands up, put your hands up’,” they said. “Then a cop came out saying we need an ambulance.”

The neighbor reported that police allegedly said there was a man who stabbed himself. The neighbor reported that Westfield Fire paramedics responded to the address and were holding something “like a towel” to the man’s chest and “applying pressure.”

The man, who is being kept anonymous for privacy reasons at this time, was reportedly transported to Baystate Medical Center. However, when Baystate was reached their representative said they had no information available.

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