Teen gets prison time for animal abuse depicted in viral Facebook video


CHICAGO, IL (WNCT) – A Chicago man pleaded guilty to animal torture for pouring boiling hot water on a cat and then posting the video of the animal abuse to social media. Leon Teague, 18, will serve three years in prison for the act.

Originally, investigators and community members thought the heinous act took place in Greenville when the video was shared locally by a teen. After thousands of calls to the Greenville Police Department, officers were able to determine the video was shot by Teague in Illinois.

Teague was arrested in February after officers in Chicago were alerted to the video. The CBS affiliate in Chicago says the cat, named Driver, has almost healed 100% from his injuries. The cat was rescued by a family and is now living with two 100 pound dogs according to the Felines and Canines executive director.