State Treasurer wants to allow lottery tickets to be sold online

If the treasurer's bill becomes law, you won't need to leave home to play the lottery.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- You may soon be able to buy lottery tickets online.

The State Treasurer’s filing legislation to allow the lottery to offer its products online and through apps on smartphones. But this convenience doesn’t interest some lottery players.

“I buy a lottery ticket twice a week when i do my grocery shopping or something,” said Janet Mayhew of Northfield. “I would not bother to buy a lottery ticket online.”

Convenience stores and gas stations rely on the lottery to get customers into their stores. But some businesses don’t count so much on the lottery for their sales.

Ryan and Casey’s Liquors in Greenfield is just one of a number of businesses in Massachusetts that sells lottery tickets, but they’re not concerned about the Massachusetts lottery going online.

“Our customers, they want it in hand. They want to see what they’re winning and they want it to be instantaneous, so i don’t see them hopping on a computer anytime soon to log on for the Mass. lottery,” said Tammy Blair, Office Manager at Ryan & Casey’s Liquors.

Blair told 22News, the majority of their income comes from their liquor products. The business has been in Greenfield for over 100 years.

The online lottery bill will be filed by November 2nd.