Professor creates political Halloween display

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Mixing politics and Halloween isn’t as hard as some may think. A Connecticut professor did it by creating a yard display with a scary and political message.

“We have the Trump wall, and it was trumps idea not mine. I am just following his lead. We have the wall, we have Barbwire at the top that has various signs around it,” said Professor Matt Warshauer of West Hartford.

This Halloween, there’s extra spook and gore on N. Main St. In West Hartford. As a CCSU political science professor has one of the scariest Halloween decorations in the city. It has everything from a screaming Donald Trump in his tower overlooking the wall on the Mexican border to a ghoulish Hillary Clinton riding a donkey bridled in chains.

“I am a historian, I am a teacher and I’m trying to get people to think. They don’t have to think what I think, but they just have to think,” said Professor Warshauer.

Halloween is known, as the scariest holiday of the year, but a lot of people saying the week after Halloween election week will be a whole lot scarier. People from all over the state are coming to look at the decorations, and they each have their own take on what exactly this means.

“We are from Canton Connecticut, and we were told about this by someone who lives locally. It’s sort of tells both sides of the story and the wall, I was really curious about that. I think that was the part that was pretty unique,” said Sue Saidel.

The traffic stopping display has cars lined up on n. Main St., many people taking pictures. Some laughing, other scared by the political landscape in the United States.

“He certainly has his own angle on it, I like how he says to love not hate,” said Mat Saidel of Canton.

“I don’t know what the future hold? But I know this? My politicians will never ever disappoint me. They will always give me something to work with,” said Professor Warshauer.