Trump’s tax records reveal major losses in 1995

Someone mailed The New York Times several pages of Trump's 1995 tax records.

(WWLP) – Several pages of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax records were made public over the weekend, showing major losses for the New York business man.

While Trump has refused to make his tax returns public, citing an ongoing audit by the IRS, someone mailed The New York Times several pages of Trump’s 1995 tax records. The New York Times made them public over the weekend.

Three pages of the tax return show Trump declared $916 million loss. A deduction so large, it could have allowed him to avoid federal income tax for 18 years.

The Trump campaign says the documents were “illegally obtained,” but they also said he did pay hundreds of millions in taxes. Trump still hasn’t released his returns to prove it.

Trump is not responding directly to the release of those returns, but he did fire back on Twitter.

The Clinton campaign is responding to this saying the returns “show how lousy a businessman he is.”

Former contestants, members of the crew and editors on “The Apprentice” told The Associated Press that during Donald Trump’s years on the reality TV series, he repeatedly demeaned women with sexist language.

Those making the allegations say he rated female contestants by the size of their breasts and talked about which ones he would like to have sex with.

In a statement, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks called the claims “outlandish, unsubstantiated, and totally false,” and said they have “no merit whatsoever.”