How to talk to your kids about politics


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – This year’s presidential race has everyone talking and adults aren’t the only ones involved in the conversations.

Like most adults – many kids can’t escape this election cycle. Experts say they’re definitely paying attention to what they hear and they say it could be a good thing.

The Indiana Youth Institute says parents can use it as an opportunity to help kids understand what’s going on around them, regardless of their age.

For pre-K through elementary age, they say stick to the basics of the political system and why we vote. For middle school students, you can delve into the issues a bit more, talking about campaigns and debates. High schoolers will be voting soon and Tami Silverman with IYI says this is when those serious conversations need to happen.

“It’s okay that they’re going to have different opinions. That may be a very difficult thing for some families to understand and deal with. But it’s going to change again over time. So just be there as a loving, constant support for your child and they will develop completely appropriately,” said Silverman.

Silverman also recommends using this opportunity to teach your child how to disagree respectfully. She said taking kids to vote can also be good so they can see the process first-hand.