Homecoming weekend comes to a close for UMass Amherst students

Special safety precautions were put into place during homecoming weekend

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Homecoming weekend has come to an end at UMass Amherst. 22News found from students, how they celebrated and stayed safe during this party weekend, with its notorious reputation.

Many colleges throughout the United States have developed reputations of being party schools and UMass Amherst is no exception.

Alexander Pappas, a UMass Student said, “UMass is pretty good with partying. Yeah, I think it lives up to that reputation without a doubt, there’s definitely always a lot going on at night especially on homecoming weekend.”

With that in mind, Special safety precautions were put into place during homecoming weekend. This included extra police officers on campus as well as the “new party smart program” where students registered their parties with the university and Amherst police. UMass student Robert Walton told 22News the University does a lot to keep students safe during homecoming, as well as all year long.

UMass Student, Robert Walton said, “They have the noise complaint thing which encourages people to not go as crazy because they know they are being tracked by the police, the EMT’s at UMass also do a really good job they are always driving around if you have an issue.”

Some local businesses told 22News the constant party has had negative effects on the surrounding communities.

Ralph Guisti, Owner of Liberty Tax said, “I’m concerned because I have kids in the area and the part that concerns me is possibly the drugs flowing from UMass into the high school.”

Other business owners told 22News the students at UMASS Amherst are the source of most of their business.

“The more people that go out, the more people that end up here, it definitely affects our business a lot and during homecoming it is one of if not the busiest day of the year for us” said Steven Alki, Assistant Manager of Antonio’s Pizza.

Homecoming is often seen as the “official kick off” to the school year, and now that it’s over we can be sure students will be looking forward to the next event the campus has to offer, as will some of the local businesses in town.