A look at major attractions in the Emerald Isle in Ireland

22News reporter is in Dublin, Ireland

DUBLIN, Ireland (WWLP) – The start of direct flights to Ireland from Bradley International Airport have opened up the opportunity to do some exploring. David McKay took that inaugural flight to Dublin, and provides a look at some of the major attractions in the Emerald Isle.

There’s about 1.9 million people in the greater Dublin area. We’re right on the edge Dun Laoghaire port in the Dublin Bay going out to the Irish Sea. It’s a major inlet and outlet for ferries going back and forth to Europe.

Friday, we took a ride south down the coastline to give you a better look outside the city. The green rolling hills of Ireland are a sight to be seen. But there’s lakes, castles, history, and people.

Lets start where our one day journey began with a swim on the edge of Dublin Port.

“We come every day to get out of bed with a purpose. Come down here meet a lot of old folgys and solve all the problems of the world here. In the meantime we have a swim just to keep the blood going to prove we’re alive,” said Billy Morrison in Dublin.

It’s called the Forty Foot Bathing Place. People come all year round, and I jumped in to prove to the locals I could handle it.

After drying off we went deeper inland and south. It gets rural quickly with windy and bumpy roads. You have to look out for the sheep which, a major export for the country.

The scenery is absolutely spectacular at Lough Dan Lake. We’re right next to Lough Dan Lake or Guinness lake as many of the locals call it.

For a couple of reasons we’re in the boglands, which give the water that rich and dark looking color. On the top the white sands make it look like the foam on a pint. And the Guinness family also owns a home right next to it.

Continuing our travels south down the Irish coastline to the County of Wicklow is Glendalough, In Galic it means the glen between two lakes. As the story goes St. Kevin came here to escape a life of wealth and to devote his life to nature god and prayer.

As news of his life got out more and more people came to visit him. As he died a missionary was erected in this area and to this day people still come to see it.

It’s just one of many attractions that are on the city’s outskirts. But there is one thing if you are planning a trip. Ireland is mad on St. Patrick’s Day it’s a warning.

Just one day was overwhelming with the amount of people history and landscapes we were able to experience. I’ll continue to take you on the adventure over the next couple of days.