“MCAS 2.0” will be taken on computer, may move to 11th grade

Would include elements of MCAS and PARCC tests

BOSTON (WWLP) – The state is considering changes to high school standardized tests. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is in the process of developing a new standardized test for high school students, dubbed “MCAS 2.0” or the “next-generation MCAS.”

The test will be designed to be taken on a computer. It is expected to include parts of the old MCAS exam, mixed with innovative items from the PARCC test.

Currently, 10th grade students must pass the competency tests in English, math, and science in order to graduate high school. The department plans to decide next year whether to move the exam to the 11th grade, or require both a 10th and 11th grade test.

State considering changes to standardized testing

These new tests could be more difficult, in order to match the rising standard of education. Some school districts could struggle to keep up.

“I think it’s very important that we take the information that these tests provide, and that the schools look at them very carefully, so they can determine what they need to do to improve the performance of students across the Commonwealth. That’s the real object here,” said Rep. Alice Peisch (D-Wellesley), the chair of the Committee on Education.

Massachusetts sophomores will begin to take a revamped MCAS test in the spring.